My Story

As a professional ballet dancer for almost two decades, I’ve seen beautiful moments shared between my fellow artists and countless audiences. These moments are fleeting and often times escape our memories as we progress through our ballet careers. 


I felt inspired to preserve these moments through photography, and I have been passionately capturing these memories for the last seven years.

Recent Works

What clients say...

"I had a wonderful time shooting with Yevgeny. He had great tips and made me feel confident and safe. I hope to shoot with him again!"

-Peyton Lilly Bond

"Yev made it so easy to feel comfortable and confident enough for that to translate in his photos! It took just 5 minutes to get some of my favorite photos I’ve seen of myself."

-Julia Desmond

"I absolutely love the shots he’s taken over the years, ranging from portraits to split second action shots. Yevgeny went above and beyond in every shoot during my career - truly a fantastic experience!"

-Kathleen Black